WELCOME !!! Fellow Active Members of
Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association

Hello Gary and Lee! This is the little-used private posting site for REHEAPA. The vision was that more private publications (for copyright protection, etc. and things like POSTING COMMENTS could be submitted and then I could post them here. It's not a message board or blog, but a password protected web page(s). Lots of possibilities. Cheers! And Onward! Frank

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Patrice and Rusty,

Thanks much for making the inaugural a small, yet mighty one!

I think we're off to a fine start. I've standardized the name to "Robert-E-Howard: Electronic Amateur Press Association" and away from "Publication" association. Why make the reader wade through 4 syllables instead of the nice old word "press." It is quickly becoming a metaphor for the way we deliver text, rather than a reality for the 21st century, but I think the spirit of APA should hold.

Your thoughts on this and on all matters regarding this project are welcome, of course. I'll soon have other "nifty" stuff like a message board or our own news group -- maybe even a chat area, who knows?

WELCOME! to our first two "d'Artagnan's" (Latin: Dartagnani?): Jeffrey Elmquist and Paul Herman. Jeffrey's e-journal EXEDRAE and Paul's ANOTHER THOUGHT will be part of our Summer Solstice posting (Vol. 1, No. 2, 2001).


Now we are 7! Welcome to another two new members: Josep Parache and his e-journal HOWARDIANA and Gary Romeo with his e-journal SAND ROUGHS will also be featured in the Summer Solstice posting. LATE NOTE: Larry Richter has also joined up! A great first number of PALE RIDER is also linked. Now we are eight!

NEW MEMBERS FOR POSTING #3 -- Now We Are Eleven!!

Welcome to Scotty Henderson, Steve Tompkins, and Ben Szumskyj as Founding Active Members 9, 10, and 11. We have room now for only one more to round out the dozen "Paladins" or "E-postles" or "Musketeers" -- whichever metaphor works best.

Now we are 12! -- The Full Complement of PALADINS! Welcome Dennis McHaney to our number--the Twelve Musketeers OR Twelve Paladins OR "Twelve EAPAstles".

Cheers! and ONWARD!


The Post Things #1
Frank Coffman's Posting Comments in response to
REHEAPA #1, Vernal Equinox 2001

Patrice's Comments on Posting #2

Josep Parache's Comments [posted Winter Solstice 2001]

Josep Parache's Howardiana #4 is available here at Level Three (Active Members Access ONLY)
Howardiana #4

NOTE FROM THE OOE ("Official Online Editor"): Some of you gents need to get a MINAC zine in for the Autumnal Equinox Posting for Sept 22, 2002. You know who you are. Let's keep the group and REHEAPA rolling.

Yours in the Interest of Robert E. Howard Studies,

Ben has requested MEMBERS ONLY LEVEL access to his journals.

~Members Only Access~
Echoes of Boealf [#1-AE'01]
Echoes of Boealf [#2-WS'01]
Echoes of Boealf [#3-VE'02]
Echoes of Boealf [#4-SS'02]

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